Wishful Writer

As a wordsmith hoping to make an impact to other people’s lives, she holds herself responsible for what she shares in her blog. Her intention is more than just to inform and entertain — to inspire. She hopes to make a difference in the lives of those who spend time and effort to read her posts.

She’s been inspired being an apprentice of the Heavenly Author. He knows her by name, and He gave her life a significant purpose. With that, she’s been a wishful writer.

There are days when pensiveness strikes and it's best to pause with a pen.
There are days when pensiveness strikes and it’s best to pause with a pen.



Pinoy Thaiyo is the first and only Filipino e-magazine in Thailand. As one of the pioneering team, Lailanie was assigned as a columnist for Amazing Pinoy. She feature Filipinos (even half Filipinos) who excel with expertise in their respective fields and give glory to our motherland. They’re exceptional and gifted people from all walks of life who inspire and imbue patriotism, perseverance, patience and persistence.


Thailand Professionals is an e-magazine counterpart of a magazine for professionals established three years ago and was re-launched on August 12, 2015, during the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand. She feature professionals and VIPs like the Queen herself.

AUP College of Medicine: A Fulfilled Vision Aside from the affiliations from Thailand-based e-magazines, her blog about the inauguration of the most-awaited College of Medicine of the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) was featured in The LinkSummer-Fall 2015 Edition (The Official Publication of PUC/AUP – Alumni of Western North America) and  PUC/AUP Cyberlink (The Official E-Newsletter of PUC/AUP Alumni) August 16-22, 2015 Special Edition.

August’s Awesomeness Overload  It’s about awesome blessings from above.

August’s Astonishing Surprise This is about the extra blessings beyond measure. She was requested and hired to teach Mongolian doctors for a short ESL program at AUP

Advocacy & Travel Blogging

Flybook Travel and Tours is a DOT-accredited travel and tours agency. She works as a freelance blogger since October 2015. Flybook is you friendly gateway to fantastic getaways!

ATTA Calabarzon (Association of Travel and Tours Agencies in Region IV-A) is also a DOT-accredited association highly regarded by the Department of Tourism Calabarzon for its phenomenal contribution to APEC Summit in Tagaytay on March 2015. She eventually became the official travel blogger (freelance) on October 2015 and she’s been covering the benchmarking, familiarity tours and significant events. With this, she supports local tourism and advocates its campaign: “One Region, One Destination. Come, Visit Calabarzon!”

BAG943 is a mission-driven business that incorporates social responsibility by adhering to a “Buy One. Give One.” promise through a social arm called BAG OF DREAMS Project. For every BAG943 purchase, another bag is given to an impoverished child from its pool of adopted public schools across the country. She volunteered as a blogger during one of its campaign: AmBAG for Yolanda kids through my old blog, Curly Bookworm

PPSOSG is a non-government public safety training organization composed of volunteers from the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines and other groups that actively cooperate and take part in the successful conduct of various activities of different public safety and order and law enforcement agencies of the government.

She is a Public Safety Officer and an advocate of peace, Peace Keeper. She aspires to educate the people and the community to be aware and be prepared through the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. This encourages individuals to be self-reliant especially during disasters, and to be responsible also of others and the environment.

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