August’s Astonishing Surprise

A holiday is meant to be spent somewhere, to enjoy solitude and serenity after a fast-paced month. Probably rekindling romance with the road for recluse running or solitary sojourning – … Continue reading “August’s Astonishing Surprise”

Run for a Life: Compassion in Action

“Run Forrest! Run!” I wouldn’t forget the significant scene of an exceptional classic comedy movie, Forrest Gump. A girl (Jenny) told him to run although it seemed impossible. Despite of … Continue reading “Run for a Life: Compassion in Action”

Revived by a Reverie

It was a great privilege to have an exceptional experience of joining the prestigious Condura Skyway Marathon on February 1, 2015. It’s Philippines’ prime race of the year. More than … Continue reading “Revived by a Reverie”