Surreal Sojourn

Being a travelover and a hiker, she dreamed of exploring picturesque places and conquering heights. She’s been to some awesome places. Her stay, whether long or short, had been a surreal sojourn. But she longs to see more of the tourist destinations within the country and abroad.

Learning is fun especially during travel. You get acquainted with people of diverse personalities, cultures, and beliefs. It may not be as comfortable as what you experience being in your comfort zone, but somehow you return home with renewed vim and you grow into a more mature person.

Life is a journey and each decision a step. Have you ever asked yourself where are you heading and how you’ll arrive in your desired destination?

What about being stuck on a crossroad, and you need to have a crucial decision? Will you keep going or will you have the detour? What about being lost along the way?

These have been her queries as she apply the principles of travel in her daily quests. These transcend the literal into the spiritual aspect of life.

Plunge at Puerto Galera pristine waters and mingle with Nemo's relatives with a giggle.
Plunge at Puerto Galera Beach Resort’s Pristine Waters and mingle with Nemo’s relatives with a giggle.


Picturesque Places