Broken Things Give Beautiful Meaning

God breaks to mend. He breaks to build. He breaks to let me grow more of Him and less of me. He even breaks His heart to save me.

Weekend Wanderess: 5K Run-cation, P50, and Priceless Privilege

Awesome adventure with a twist. When a run-cation leads a runner to Mangyans for her to learn more of life’s journey with missions to minorities.

Beyond Blessed

Coming to AOY this year is beyond an answered prayer experience because it’s indeed a faith trip for me.  Since I came back from AOY 2016, the Lord led me … Continue reading “Beyond Blessed”

Broken and Multiplied

How a saddening experience turned into a sweet blessing. God is more than a Healer, He’s a Multiplier of joy!

Penang Sojourn: When God Multiplies the Effort on Addition

God truly multiplies our faith. While we do the effort on addition, working out our faith, He blesses us in many ways. 

Curly Bookworm’s Confession on Obsession

How an obsession can lead to distraction and destruction. How the Holy Spirit can do the transformation, and how God freely give salvation.

GoRun.PH #30DayFitnessChallenge: Foretaste of Ultramarathon and Fun Fitness Pursuit

GoRun.PH is a real game changer! Embracing the distance runner’s lifestyle since 2015 is like hugging a soft and very comfy pillow with some random durian skin! You enjoy the benefits … Continue reading “GoRun.PH #30DayFitnessChallenge: Foretaste of Ultramarathon and Fun Fitness Pursuit”