​Chasing Time, Redeeming the Time

“Our time belongs to God. Every moment is His, and we are under the most solemn obligation to improve it to His glory. Of no talent He has given will He require a more strict account than of our time.” Ellen G. White, My Life Today p.115

While I was looking at some Malaysia faith trip photos, I noticed my fascination with the time spent there. Literally, I was amazed because the sun sets late there, at past 7:00 PM. At 7:10 PM-7:15 PM, it wasn’t dark compared what is common in the Philippines. At 6:00 PM or past 6:00PM, it’s dusk and sometimes, really dark already.

Jalan-jalan moments at the busy city jungle of Kuala Lumpur

️It dawned on me, there in Malaysia, it’s like the day had an extension. But in reality, it’s the same. We all have 24 hours in a day. 

In some countries like where my sister sojourned, the sun is still high up at 8:00 PM, and where my Bestie V sojourns, the sun is still high up at 7:00 PM.

I noticed late that the time I took souvenir shots were almost the same! 

I was really shocked on our way back to Kuala Lumpur from Penang Island. I thought worst traffic only happens in Manila (haha, sorry beloved country!). 

Instead of 6-hour travel on bus, we ended having 12-hour travel! The delay was half of the typical travel time! Three of our AUP friends missed their flight! 

But even seemingly unfortunate experience turned out a pleasant blessing! We had singing and Bible study sessions inside the bus. Sometimes, God allows delays for our character development. 

On our way from Penang Island to Kuala Lumpur, it’s 7:11 PM
Chasing sunset at the airport. The sun is still high at around 7:00 PM
Above the heights, gazing at the surreal sunset!

As a runner, 1-minute difference in PR is a huge accomplishment already, especially when the route is harder, and when the distance is longer. Actually, every second counts. 

I appreciate the value of time more through the discipline of running, both during training and during the race. I learned to chase time. But what I am focused right now is how to redeem the time wasted, and the time taken for granted, especially for devotional time and ministry.

Chasing time. Thrilling trail running at Mt. Batulao on April 2017.
Contemplating on how to redeem the time.

“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” Ephesians 5:16-17

Of course, I can never turn back time. But by spending time conscientiously and wisely, especially with God and with ministry, I could be a good steward of the time He entrusted. 

“The value of time is beyond computation. Christ regarded every moment as precious, and it is thus that we should regard it. Life is too short to be trifled away. We have but a few days of probation in which to prepare for eternity….” EGW, My Life Today, p.115

Keep posted for more ethereal epiphanies and surreal sojourn stories.

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