Of Principles and Preferences

“I love you, but I’m not waiting for you.”

This short, yet profound title of a blog entry hit me hard. It reminded me of a history of an unrequited love. But that didn’t make me bitter. Rather, it made me better. It made my motto make more sense: “Principles are non-negotiable; preferences are negotiable.”

Here’s my musing I wrote two months ago [in honor of my late father], kindly read to have a better understanding of this post: To the Future Father of My Children (a Billet-doux)

"I know His timing is perfect and I know His will is true."
“I know His timing is perfect and I know His will is true.”

I’m grateful to have bumped into a kindred spirit, a set-apart blogger in the blogosphere. I’m going to quote Charlene’s musings in this epiphany after I’ve read her blog.

“I love you, but I’m not waiting for you.”

I have my own version, as I contemplated on how God unfold His plan for my future, especially about my love life.

Dear friend,
I can vividly remember the day I read ‘The Hiding Place’ (early 20’s) and I was so blessed by Corrie Ten Boom’s devotion. Her perspective on ‘waiting on the Lord’ made a lasting impact in my life.

I had ups and downs as I decided to walk on the narrow path. There were times I detoured but praise God for keeping me back on the way everlasting. There’s forever in His unchanging and unconditional love.

Surpriza! Someone has been blessed by her legacy too! Her introspection and open billet-doux is relatable in a particular level, but not everything herein.

So let me sing an excerpt from Melissa’s song with a twist:
“I will always love you as my brother and my friend…” ..and I’m not waiting for you. ☺ Pls. don’t wait for me. Rather, wait on God.

“I’m waiting for God’s beautiful plan to come true; not because I love waiting, but because I know it will be worth the wait. I’m more than a hundred percent sure that the mystery, uncertainty, and difficulty of it all will be worth it because I will be waiting for the Man who loves me most, the Man who loves me best, the Man who loves me perfectly – God.” Charlene, I love you, but I’m not waiting for you


No to spinsterhood. Yes to single blessedness!

For several times, I was misconstrued that I’m promoting singleness or singlehood. Many might have thought I’m heading towards the path of spinsterhood. Haha!

NO, spinsterhood isn’t my option. I’m just enjoying single blessedness. It’s not easy, but I could choose to focus on its sunshiny side. At present, this is my preference.

I love Corrie ten Boom and Amy Carmichael. Both of them were a spinster. That’s their choice, having peace from heaven that they would be more productive in the service of God. Their wombs weren’t fruitful, but their lives yield a tremendous harvest. Their legacy live on, especially the latter.

Corrie fell in love with Karel and this account reminded me of again of my history of unrequited love many years ago. I can only smile as I keep being grateful for the lessons learned, no matter how hard they’d been.

“Corrie,” he began instead, “do you know what hurts so very much? It’s love. Love is the strongest force in the world, and when it is blocked that means pain. “There are two things we can do when this happens. We can kill the love so that it stops hurting.

But then of course part of us dies, too. Or, Corrie, we can ask God to open up another route for that love to travel. “God loves Karel—even more than you do—and if you ask Him, He will give you His love for this man, a love nothing can prevent, nothing destroy. Whenever we cannot love in the old, human way, Corrie, God can give us the perfect way.”

“Lord, I give to You the way I feel about Karel, my thoughts about our future—oh, You know! Everything! Give me Your way of seeing Karel instead. Help me to love him that way. That much.”

“I will always love you as my brother and my friend…” ..and I’m not waiting for you. Pls. don’t wait for me. Rather, wait on God.

I’m serious about this, and as I wait on the Lord, may Amy’s desire burn in my heart too!

“Give me the Love that leads the way
The Faith that nothing can dismay
The Hope no disappointments tire
The Passion that’ll burn like fire
Let me not sink to be a clod
Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God”

Recently, I’ve read a blog ‘Living Loved‘ and an interview of Lysa for her new book, UNINVITED. Here’s the quote that inspired me the most:

“At the core of who we are, we crave the acceptance that comes from being loved. To satisfy this longing we will either be a grasper of God’s love or a grabber of people’s love. If we grasp the full love of Christ, we won’t grab at other things to fill us.” Lysa TerKeurst

Would you be a GRASPER of God’s love or a GRABBER of people’s love?

I’ve often asked this recently, as I ponder on the motives of everything I do as I wait on the Lord. Am I doing this to please the Father’s heart? Or try to please others?

“It is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desire that He creates.” Amy Carmichael

May these music videos bless you as  you contemplate on it.

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