Confessions of a Closetholic

“I honestly feel as though I’ve run an obstacle course to get here. In fact, I think, they should list shopping as a cardiovascular activity. My heart never beats as fast as it does when I see a “reduced by 50 percent” sign.”
― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the book and its movie counterpart, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

“All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost.” — J.R.R. Tolkien
“All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Closet keeper and shopaholic in one, that’s a closetholic.

Gone were the days when I can’t stand seeing my closet in a mess.

Gone were the days when my closet seemed a display closet in a department store or in a shop, where clothes are neatly folded, in a flawless, color-coordinated manner, from darkest to lightest hues.

Gone were the days when I would keep everything in almost perfect order. Then, I would be at peace. I would feel accomplished.


I regularly clean and keep my closet in order. But after cleaning and tidying up, few days later, it will be in a mess again. According to my personality type, it’s normal to be disorganized with stuff (which I find true, but I want to be abnormal – be orderly and organized! haha!). Nah, I want to be really organized.

But I once had OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) when it comes to stuff and keeping them in order. I can’t stand any mess or things disorganized, even with the minutest details. I found it irksome. I overdid, that few years later, I seem to be the opposite, and I tend to not care sometimes, if not most of the times.


Eliminate, Eradicate

When I say I clean my closet, it means taking out things (clothes, accessories, and other stuff) that have been there for months, left unused.

If I would notice that the clothes are unused for many months, I consider them no longer mine. Unless they’re my favorites, I would eliminate them – give them away to working scholars (students in AUP), or to the church for relief goods (for relief operations), or to my cousins and friends.

I prefer to give the slightly used, or the new ones (some have even price tags, I take them out before giving, of course). I know the joy of receiving gifts even they’re pre-loved or hand-me-down-clothes. This is actually another way of paying forward the kindness received through the years, when we have experienced being recipients of generosity and compassion.

Bookworm caught in the act!
Bookworm caught in the act!

Another confession: I’m a hoarder. Somehow, by God’s grace, I’ve became less a hoarder and it’s in progress. I only buy stuff when badly needed, not just when wanted – except for BOOKS! Books matter more than clothes. LOL! And tsundoku strikes often, so I’d rather shun book sale and bookstores, especially when I don’t have budget for books, or when I’m plainly broke.

I still rationalize sometimes, but my conscience would bug me for many weeks.

“Buy only the NEEDs, not the WANTs”. This maxim has been a perpetual motto which I sometimes have selective amnesia with; especially when lulled by a sale campaign, or a huge DISCOUNT DRAMA (70%—80% OFF or Buy 2, take 1). The hoarder in me I long to fully eradicate. Haha!

Replacement, Investment

Even though I regularly discard excess stuff in my closet, there would always be a replacement. So, it’s kinda never ending cycle.

Race-cation in Bangkok. Running over Rama Bridge VIII during the 5th International Half Marathon on December 13, 2015
Race-cation in Bangkok. Running over Rama Bridge VIII during the 5th Thailand International Half Marathon on December 13, 2015

And with my running lifestyle, I just realized how much I could have saved in the bank with all the running gears and singlets, technical shirts, finisher’s shirts which outnumbered the regular shirts and tees. I only keep the most significant running singlets and finisher shirts though. I sometimes give to my brother the ones which fit him: “Ate, mas bagay sa’kin yan!” especially the recent Condura Skyway Marathon 2016’s finisher shirt, or to my mother and sister.

Meanwhile, running and the quite expensive lifestyle it entails are considered an investment. Nonetheless, “Health is wealth”. But I’ve become choosy with the running events to join lately.


However, I don’t have a huge closet. Please don’t get me wrong!  I have a small one which could house around 100 clothing items: dress (3 wedding apparels: I’m often invited to weddings but keep only a few) and 5 Sabbath dresses (I regularly wear the 3 in a cyclical pattern), shirts and skirts, blouses and blazers, cardigans and jackets, running gears, coats and sweaters, and jeans (I only have 4 jeans for many years, started to wear jeans after college). I have this favorite red (UCB) Benetton jeans I’ve bought during a super sale – got it for about P800, from an original price of more than P3, 000. It’s still great albeit it’s washed and worn a lot! Quality matters to me than quantity!

I was so fascinated with buying pre-loved clothes or ukay-ukay, for cheaper price and yet quality fabric and unique design. I bought this dress for a friend's wedding for only P175! (Worn once in 2013, and let my younger sister wear in their recent themed acquaintance party.
Few years ago (for many years), I’d been fascinated with buying pre-loved clothes or ukay-ukay, for cheaper price and yet quality fabric and unique design. The only time I could hoard clothes at less amount of money.
Who would have thought I bought this dress for only P150? (Worn once in a friend’s wedding in 2013, and let my younger sister wear in their recent themed acquaintance party).

My aim is to be a minimalist. But I’m still chasing that state which seem elusive all these years. After all, life isn’t about quantity of possessions and people in your life. It’s about the quality of things and individuals you keep for their importance and impact in your life. Few and yet influential instruments for your holistic growth. You get rid of excess baggage, and the unnecessary stuff (cutting off wouldn’t hurt when you don’t want issue and drama). Like plants, you prune the excess twigs and stems which could dwarf the growth.

I honed the skill of detaching, as early as possible before I would be attached.
I honed the skill of detaching with something or someone, as early as possible, before I would be totally attached.


Reflection on Closet Moments


I used to be messy and clumsy. I’m working on the orderliness of my life, not only my closet.

Keep a clean and orderly spiritual life, and everything else would follow. Like the classic quote: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Spirituality is the key. Vital relationship with Jesus transforms.

Practical tips
Practical tips to consider

Modesty doesn’t limit to modest deportment, but more of demeanor – character.

Your choice of clothes and accessories, reflects your heart’s condition.

What’s your main goal in dressing? IMPRESS or EXPRESS? Or to keep your body healthy, well-covered with SIMPLICITY, BEAUTY (elegant doesn’t mean glittery or flashy) and DECENCY?


Jesus had no material possessions during his ministry (Luke 9:58). But he’s contented and fulfilled. I marveled at how the Creator of the Universe left heaven and everything for me to have hope and everything He prepared for me (eternal things).

Jesus denied himself even unto the death of the cross! What a wondrous selfless life He had!

Self-denial is achievable when Jesus is the inspiration. Earthly things are also helpful, but they could distract and divert attention (Matthew 6:20-21).

  • KEEP the SKELETONS OUT your closet

This might sound rattling or eerie. But who doesn’t have skeletons in their closets?

The darling sins; lingering negative thoughts, grudge from the past; or dark secrets which still haunt you could be eradicated. You won’t hold to them as something to cherish, don’t you?

Jesus could clean and heal the heart. I remember the significant detail of his resurrection, when Mary saw the folded garment at Jesus’ tomb. He’s orderly, and he can mend the worn-out life, you and I have.

It’s healthy to put your thoughts off yourself. Sharing them might help others realize as well.

After all, we all want a clean and orderly closet.

Don’t you?

Watch out!
Watch out!

Note: Photos credit to Google (closet and eCard).

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