The Faith Which Jesus Marveled At

Faith is one of my favorite topics in the Bible. Apostle Paul, in his epistle to Hebrews (chapter 11), elaborated what faith is, and enumerated the champions of faith who etched history in the ancient times.

Today, my Bible readings focused on Luke chapter 6 & 7:1-10. I’ve drawn a lot of practical lessons – lessons which I need to keep learning, to unlearn many things, in the context of character building.


For many years, the story of the Centurion and his servant has made me wonder, again and again. The centurion’s faith is the kind of faith which Jesus affirmed as set-apart (Luke 7:9), and which He marveled at: “I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel!”

Trusting amid uncertainties

When things are uncertain, one truth prevails: Jesus never fails.

“It’s easy to have faith when things are going well.

To trust in God when life is not so hard.

But when the problem comes and the answers not in sight

God wants us to believe that HE can make things right.”

Although I walk through the shadow of uncertainties, I will not fear. I'm certain with Jesus.
Although I walk through the shadow of uncertainties, I will not fear. I’m certain with Jesus.

“Trusting” has been one of my favorite songs for many years, especially when I served as a full-time missionary for almost four years in the sub-urban field. It has been a constant song of my heart, especially when we faced insurmountable crucibles in our family. And its chorus has been a constant plea, even these days that I’m at the crossroads.

“Please help us Heavenly Father to trust in You today,

You’ve always answered in the past, help us find Your way.

We need You Heavenly Father, we’ll trust in You today,

You’ve always answered in the past. Help us find Your way.”


I mentioned in Feasting while Fasting about the crossroads I’m at. It’s not easy to wait without seeing any sign. It’s like standing in the wilderness during the dusk, waiting for a possible vehicle to rescue you for possible dangers from wildlife and wild people alike, and there’s not even a hint of it!

While I claim to be a child of God, I denied Him and misrepresented Him many times. It’s not blatant. It’s subtle. It’s when I talk faith, and yet, I still leave a room for doubts.


Just say the WORD

The Centurion isn’t a Christian in the context of his identity. Yet, he’s more than a Christian in the context of his faith. You see, when the Centurion – a high ranking official in the Roman Empire sought Jesus’ help for his servant’s healing, he’s in utter humility. He didn’t request on behalf of his immediate family, but rather on behalf of his servant.

I can only imagine how dear the servant was to his lord, that he made an effort to request Jesus for healing. Let’s picture him in the context of modern medicine: the servant is terribly sick, he could die anytime. In the ICU, with all the machine’s cords attached to his faint body, his monitor shows only a miracle could help him survive.

So, the Centurion sent the elders of Jews to speak to Jesus on his behalf. The elders told Jesus that the Centurion is worthy of help for he’s been generous: “he built us synagogue”, and “he loves our nation”. But Jesus didn’t hesitate to help because of his benevolence and compassion. It’s simply because of his faith.

When Jesus was approaching his house, the Centurion sent friends to meet him and said:

“Lord, trouble not thyself: for I am NOT WORTHY that You shouldest enter my roof;

Wherefore neither thought myself worthy to come to Thee:

BUT SAY IN A WORD, and my servant shall be healed.”

JUST SAY THE WORD! Nothing follows.

The servant got healed right then, when he uttered his faith that nothing is impossible with God. Jesus’ Word alone could restore the life He entrusted.

This hospital had etched a history especially during family crucibles. It always reminds me of the Wounded Healer's grace and mercy.
This hospital had etched a history especially during family crucibles. It always reminds me of the Wounded Healer’s grace and mercy.


Word of honor

Have you been wronged before? Someone promised something precious that you even hold unto it as if your life depends on the word. But you’re beguiled; your trust was betrayed. You’ve lost your faith, not only to the person; you even ran away from God. You rebelled. You think you’ve come to the point of no return.

“In Heaven’s eyes, there are no losers.

In Heaven’s eyes, no hopeless cause.

Only people like you, with feelings like me,

Amazed by the grace we can find, in Heaven’s eyes.”

Keep looking up, that where God loves to paint rainbows.
Keep looking up, that where God loves to paint rainbows. 

In any problem, there’s a solution. In every betrayal, there’s restoration.

If you can’t see the end of the dark tunnel you might be at right now, think of the Centurion.

Try to say, Lord, Help Thou my unbelief! Say the WORD only, I’ll be made whole.

“Faith takes God at His Word, with or without feeling.” Melody Mason 

The faith of the Centurion can also be yours. Would you hesitate to ask Jesus for the faith which he marveled at?

© 2016 LAF