How I Bid Blogging Burnout Adieu

Life is like a camera. Just focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don't turn out – take another shot.
WW’s selfie! “Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out – take another shot.”

If I could leap a few meters high to show my excitement for my blog’s second year, I would.

Today is a fresh start. With all the “what ifs” and “buts” left behind, I jump start anew. Regrets are overflowing. But the past year can’t be undone.

Probably even fellow writers could never fully understand what my severe writer’s block could have been. Actually, I found that it’s a blogging burnout, not just a mere writer’s block.

I was shackled for months. Ironic it was, I’ve traveled a lot and have a lot of experiences to share, but I hesitated to write about them. I still have some articles in private mode. I’ve been blogging since 2011 via my old blog, Curly Bookworm. When I launched Wanderful Wordsmith last year, I was hoping to consistently blog. But I failed.

I evaluated my purpose. I contemplated on my passion. I found one thing to be certain, I failed to plan.


Stalker dilemma

I realized I was a bit paranoid, more than just pestered with an irksome dilemma – an old stalker could be back to track! Actually, he existed with an identity five years ago. But he made me cringe more than the anonymous one who sent a text message that he was just few steps behind my back, while walking inside AUP campus…blah blah (many years ago). Creepy, right?

What would you feel if someone whom you had ‘sort of history’, would randomly communicate and inform that he’s been following your blog, with “I know what you did…” kind of approach? As if no drama happened in the past?

“Are you going to travel to…? I wanna see you there! …Are you going for Batanes Winter Marathon? I am planning to join too!” Whether sincere or not, I didn’t like it. For the second time, I requested him to never bother me again, just STOP! I’m done with issue and drama and I don’t like to be dragged again. Who would want to?

Seeing that guy, popping out of nowhere in the place I had a dilemma of meeting, was a bit challenging. But it happened. Awkward greetings. Awkward handshake. Awkward smile. Awkward short conversation. Awkward goodbye. Haha!

He approached. He initiated the conversation. I just responded. End of the story.

He isn’t actually the main reason I refrain from blogging regularly. I had many reasons. It’s unlikely that I thought about him after six months. Haha! Let’s say I’m grateful that he doesn’t bother me anymore.

Sometimes, taking a break is SWEET.
Sometimes, taking a break is SWEET.

Starting over again with 5 IPs

Like what I mentioned, FRESH START is the answer. Along with the burnout, I leave frustrations of blogging behind. There’s always room for improvement – new beginning with a deeper meaning.

I’ve been following some bloggers who are experts on their respective niches, and I’ve gained inspiration and ideas. I came up with these musings encapsulated in five IPs:

  • Ignite Passion

My blogging passion didn’t die, it must have been an ember. But I’m grateful for the rekindling of the fire to share my passion with a deeper purpose.

When you keep your passion to yourself alone, you won’t grow. Set it ablaze and consume others with the friendly fire of blogging out loud to inspire.

They said, strike while the iron is hot. Someone said, make the iron hot by striking. Don’t wait when your passion is on the brink of dying. Keep honing your craft!

  •  Implement Planning

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Sounds familiar?

When ideas and inspiration overflow, it’s easy to blog. But it’s easier when you organize your thoughts, take time to plan how to write compelling and inspiring posts, then execute the plan.

I’ve been blogging for many years, but oftentimes, I end unproductive because I don’t go with my plan. Don’t let go of the moment too! Blog when you feel like blogging. And we you don’t, focus and blog!

When you’ve gotten many opportunities to grow as the blogger, and for your blog to grow as well, PLAN! Then work it out, by God’s grace.

  •  Innovate Posts

I’m loquacious and I know it’s obvious on my posts. I write long posts! And I struggle with brevity. I want to say more with less words. It takes a ‘ninja with a heart’ skill to do it, especially when you’re garrulous.

When I worked as a freelance copy writer for an American organization based in Oregon few years ago, WIIFM principle was instilled in me. Whenever I write a copy, I should evaluate it with “What’s In It for Me?” Simply, it should be reader-centered. Although most blog entries are personal, it should benefit the readers.

Innovate posts. Make them interactive!

  •    Improve Professionalism

Whatever niche you’ve chosen to focus on with blogging, one thing would make a huge difference – professionalism.  Being a grammar Nazi is a must. But more importantly, be professional. Be open for feedback and constructive criticism. Also, be mindful of destructive criticism (if ever some would have the guts to do so). You cannot please everybody, and yet, still have a room for improvement. Be willing to listen. After all, it would help when dealt with grace.

You’re no longer blogging for just a mere hobby. You can’t beat millions of awesome bloggers out there, but you thrive – you survive. In your own season, you would bloom. When you open to collaborate and accept writing gigs and sponsored posts, you should consider being a time Nazi, more than being a grammar Nazi. An article can be revamped, but never the precious time squandered in dilly-dallying be retrieved. Never be LATE! It’s now or never!

  • Interact with People

Blogging communities are helpful in interacting with fellow bloggers. Imagine submerging yourself with creative and intuitive minds – especially with kindred spirit!

Aside from the reservoir of inspiration they provide, be heedful with the audience. Their effort to throw their two cents after taking time to read your post is something to be grateful of. Of course, not everyone would appreciate. Don’t let ungrateful or negative minds dishearten you. Keep interacting in positive ways. You can’t change someone’s mindset, but you can influence!


“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”

Changing for the Better.
Changing for the Better.

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