Valuable ore,

Severely refined

Rust, impurities and dross

Fiery flames consumed.

Radiance and brilliance

Precious stones sparkle

Extensive cutting and polishing

Uniquely unfold.

Exotic, fragile vases

Well molded and heated

Elegantly painted

Hide the shadows of painful process.

Hideous caterpillar crawled out

Lovely mirthful winged-creature,

Metamorphosis’ mystic craft.

Luminous and picturesque rainbow

Arch the heavens

When turbulent storm subside

The virga fade

An aftermath of blizzard.

Through the test of time,

Rocks, stones, pebbles and shells

Turned unnumbered sand

The impetus

Vivacious torrent of cruel waves

Vicissitudes encapsulated break through.

These beautifully illustrate

The essence and significance of trials,

Our Great Alchemist’s tool

In the laboratory called life.

If we overcome our trials, and get victory over the temptations of Satan, then we endure the trial of our faith, which is much more precious than gold, and are stronger, and better prepared to meet the next.

A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White, p. 27

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The triumph of Christian faith is to suffer, and be strong; to submit, and thus conquer; to be killed all day long, and yet to live; to bear the cross, and thus win the crown of immortal glory.  

Ellen G. White, Sketches from the Life of Paul, p. 300

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Note: This poem was written during a very trying moment and family crucible. It was published in University Voice HATINIG and my mini book, “Curly Wings, Chasing Dreams” in 2008. May the Great Alchemist inspire your life too! 🙂 Photo credit: Google Images