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As a travelover who loves to chase a dream, there’s no other asylum with greater assurance than my own abode. Albeit I could be at home wherever I am, I still long to be in my home whenever I’m away from home.

“Home is where the heart is” has been a common maxim. It’s true that there’s no other place like home. A house isn’t a home, and yet, a home deserves a decent and dandy house.

Growing up moving from one place to another, nomadic life has been my fascination and I really want to experience being a modern nomad. But there’s a great and seemingly elusive dream I want to achieve, it’s having our own haven which we could definitely call “our own”. This realization of dream could be made possible through Property 24. is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.


Foretaste of Paris

It’s free to dream. To work out your dream into reality is another story. The price is reasonable for a quasi tiny castle, Chateaux de Paris; it’s worth it! It’s giving a manifestation of the quality of life you’ve got. The intricate architecture and design reminds a concoction of luxury and a lil’ mystery. This haven would give a foretaste of Paris lifestyle.

I live in Silang, and I’ve been to South Forbes many times. I’ve seen this house: a 3-bedroom is good enough for a big family like ours. I really like it! The high ceilings, cozy patios and bewildering balconies with the captivating view of Mt. Makiling gives serenity. I love attics! I can imagine my bookworm self enjoying the solitude with the multitude of books, yeah, up there in the attic!

Another awesome thing about its location, it’s near South Forbes 18-hole golf course! It’s really relaxing to be in the midst of verdure. Unwinding is beyond reach, because it’s only 5-minute ride from Nuvali, 10-minute ride from Alabang and 30-minute ride from the airport.

Dream BIG
Dream BIG with South Forbes

Although I grew up in a family stricken with poverty, my dream didn’t fade as we struggled through life. I hope to provide my family a dream house like this. But with contentment, I can have another one from the lists. It’s too tempting to add more to the top five choices!


La Dolce Vita

From Paris, let’s move to Italy! With the ambiance of The Vineyard Residences, you’ll be allured with the indulgences it would unveil. I could only ponder as I wander through its vineyards.

As a lover of solitary and places of tranquility, the country’s first and only vineyard resort community would exude exquisite experience. A cherry-on-top, the Twin Lakes Residences captures the breathtaking view of world-renown Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. I can’t wait to wake up each morning, bathing under the warmth of sunshine with the sweet spell of fog.

La Dolce Vita in Tagaytay
La Dolce Vita in Tagaytay

Cozy, crisp and classic interior, this one bedroom condominium is perfect for a newly wed and couple starting a family. It’s a perfect place for honeymooners. Yay! haha! I just wish I could have this for my own, in God’s time! 🙂


Exclusive with Executive Studio

Living in the metro isn’t my first choice. I’d rather live in the countryside or the sub-urban chunks of sunshiny lands. Hoping to become an eligible bachelorette, I also wanna live like an executive, haha! But being an entrepreneur with demands of having business transactions and meetings in the heart of iconic economic center, I should invest having one.

Becoming an eligible bachelorette
Becoming an eligible bachelorette

Fort Bonifacio has been one of the busiest business metros in the main land. McKinley Hill is an ideal place for passionate young souls with dreams. The Viceroy is truly a portal of victory, of bliss and vibrant living.

The facilities and amenities perfectly suits the demands of a holistic lifestyle. It is equipped with a podium level amenity deck with a swimming pool complex, a gym and outdoor fitness station, a clubhouse, courtyard gardens and function rooms to name a few.

It’s truly affordable because it can be availed without down payment; 3 years to pay at 0% interest, P12, 000 monthly. Turnover date: 2017! I should really save and invest seriously!


El Nido Escapade

As a sun-kissed beach princess wannabe, the crystalline waters of the beaches in El Nido, as well its teasing tides welcome me to take a plunge! Well, I’m squeezing my brains for creativity. But honestly, to be in El Nido is to die for! Something I couldn’t miss for the world!

I’ve been to Boracay Island many summers of my life. My mother hails from Aklan. But I long to sojourn in El Nido instead. As I behold the undeveloped and almost untouched beaches of El Nido, I conclude that it’s worth investing and living in that paradise-like haven.

Revitalizing Rendezvous
Revitalizing Rendezvous

There are stunning views of both Daracoton and Brother Islands from the shore and the surf is friendly. For a recluse wannabe like me, I can consume most of my time wandering, snorkeling and swimming in this refreshing rendezvous.

It’s just perfect not just for summer activities, but more likely for a short or long sojourn! I would prolly have a tree house of a floating rest house. Wouldn’t that be a postcard perfect?!


Captivating Cebu

Beach bum here, bewildered with the historic shores and seas of Lapu-lapu City! Cebu’s best beaches are worth investing for. I could only grin to see myself delving into Spanish-inspired living in the historic haven in Cebu!

Seaside Condo in the heart of Cebu
Seaside Condo in the heart of Cebu

Dubbed as “Better than Shangri-la Cebu Beach Resort Condo”, Tambuli Resort is a state-of-the-art and modern haven has four-hectare amenities. Oh la la! A breakthrough of adventure amidst the white beaches and wistful waves.

I hope I could keep dreaming of “livin’ la vida loca”. Skinny dipping. Oh no, I’m just kidding! Shades. Sundresses. Swimsuit. Sun tan lotion. Starfish. Sea horse. Surreal sunset: when the shy sun has finally hid on the western skies, leaving scarlet hues. Starry night.

Sun-kissed beach princess in the scorching Boracay sand
Sun-kissed beach princess on the scorching Boracay sand

From living a fairy tale-like with Chateaux de Paris, to “La Dolce Vita” in The Vineyard Residences, and to executive living in The Viceroy, I can say that my choices clearly shows the versatile me. But hey, the solitary beachfront in El Nido and the summer perfect getaway in Cebu strongly manifest my love for the beach.

Hitherto, provides wide varieties of choices for home keepers and haven seekers. I’m so lucky to have known that there’s a great way to find the picturesque and perfect house and haven for me and my family. Then, we could have the foretaste of heaven on earth.

How about you? Have you known what you really want, what home are you going to build? What house and other properties are worth investing for? is the local subsidiary of, the number 1 property site in South Africa and a member of the NASPERS Group of Companies together with help companies and licensed individuals, in the business of selling or leasing residential properties, connect with serious buyers looking for realty investments or searching for the perfect home.

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I joined this blogger's contest for the first time in forever, at the very last minute! :)
I joined this for the first time in forever, at the very last minute! 🙂

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