August’s Awesomeness Overload

June swept off my feet with freedom, figuratively.

July was crucial as I jaunted on the crossroads; again, figuratively.

August rushed in with astonishing surprises. Awesomeness overload: literally and figuratively.

Juggling freelance writing and ESL teaching has been my craft for many years. As I aim for prowess, I couldn’t thank God enough for His power that sustained me. With other ventures: entrepreneurship, advocacy and ministry  in between, I could only look back and beckon what’s in store for the future.

I would lie if I’d say I’ve never gone beat and burnout. There were even times I would sulk (in a healthy way tho), screaming inside for solitude and serenity. I’m a recluse wannabe.

There’s delight. There were dramas. There were dilemmas. There were twists and turns in maze-like paths, but never regretted I crossed-paths with exceptional, exquisite and eager people. It’s like a huge jigsaw puzzle being filled with missing parts —  one at a time.

My maxim for prudence and patience.
My maxim for prudence and patience. © Felizardo dela Cruz


Blessed Beyond Measure

“Count your blessings, name them one by one.” 

My cup runs over. My mirth overflows.

Early this year, I’ve started working as a columnist for Amazing Pinoy at Pinoy Thaiyo, the first and only Filipino online magazine in Thailand. But due to some unexpected circumstances, I need to freeze for a while which linger a bit longer haha. My initial feature would be revamped tho, for fresher update. 🙂

Winter season for my writing venture with Pinoy Thaiyo turned into spring as I’ve got a new work proposal to also write for Thailand Professionals, an established magazine for three years, but was reborn (soft re-launch) on August 12, 2015. With Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday celebration in the modern kingdom, I’ve secured my territory in the virtual world-wide web and blogosphere.

Patience paid off. Hard work kicked off. It’s fascinating how contagious the courage and creativity of the Pinoy Thaiyo Team/Family. They’ve been my extended family, added to my family at the Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines (FWGP) which encouraged me to be brave in this venture.

I didn’t apply. I was directly hired. I thank my boss-friend for the trust and high regard. Jezreel Llanera, CEO, Thailand Professionals and Co-Founder of Pinoy Thaiyo, and I met again unexpectedly in Indonesia during an international youth convention last year. I was clueless when he requested me to contribute an article for the AYA Devotional 2015, that we’ll collaborate with these projects. To be a part of a leap of faith — pioneering a Pinoy online magazine in Thailand is just fascinating. I’m forever blessed! All Glory to God!

Virtual calling card courtesy of Jess Tura, Co-Founder/Webmaster, Pinoy Thaiyo. *Covered my mobile number; kindly e-mail me instead (printed one has). :)
Virtual calling card courtesy of Jess Tura, Co-Founder/Webmaster, Pinoy Thaiyo. *Covered my mobile number; kindly e-mail me instead (printed one has). 🙂
For the Heavenly Author's Glory
For the Heavenly Author’s Glory
A Pinay at your service, coz Pinoy Thaiyo! :)
A Pinay at your service, coz Pinoy Thaiyo! 🙂

Emblazing Pinoys in Thailand and Beyond

Whenever we learn that a Filipino succeeds or bring glory to our Mother Land, we can’t cease to feel proud, aren’t we? And how much more to be known not only for resilience, but patience, perseverance and patriotism?

This month’s highlight of Thailand Professionals’ international column is Dr. Doris Mendoza, the Founding Dean of the Adventist University of the Philippines College of Medicine. AUP COM has been a dream-come-true gift that God endowed after 30 years! Surprisingly enough, Sir Edwin Araba, the P.R.O of AWESNA and Editor of The Link (The Official Publication of PUC/AUP – Alumni of Western North America) and one of the Editors/Coordinators for PUC/AUP Cyberlink connected with me, having read my blog post, and sought permission to re-publish my articles in The Link (Summer-Fall 2015 Edition) and in PUC/AUP Cyberlink (The Official E-Newsletter of PUC/AUP Alumni) August 16-22, 2015 Special Edition.

There's delight in writing ministry. Redefining service with a dear friend and former colleague at GNA, Weanne Myrrh Estrada.
There’s delight in writing ministry. Redefining service with a dear friend and fellow wordsmith/blogger, Weanne Myrrh Estrada.
"My only earthly goals fulfilled when I'm centered at His will." ~ TBLJ
“My only earthly goals fulfilled when I’m centered at His will.” ~ TBLJ
When the literal wounded healer (cancer survivor-doctor) represents the Great Wounded Healer (Heavenly Physician).
Praise God for the Fulfilled Vision!
Praise God for the Fulfilled Vision!
Humbled to have shared the ministry of writing. :)
Humbled to have shared the ministry of writing. 🙂

As a wordsmith, I am dedicated not only to my craft, but determined to be responsible, creative and intuitive enough to channel the tidings of great joy of Filipinos’ triumphs. Within or far beyond the bounds of Thailand borders, the beacon of hope for Filipinos would continue to set ablaze, to lighten the new generation into the path of being world-class Pinoys.

Mabuhay ang mga Filipino!


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