Batanes Winter Marathon 2016: A 3D RACE-cation

Dreaming BIG: BATANES!
Dreaming BIG: BATANES!

“Ate, you should go for Batanes Winter Marathon 2016!…”, my runner sister, Zola, jubilantly told me on Sunday night.

It has been running in my head on Monday morning, while I resumed my training. I’m on the 7th week of my preparation for the next “half mary” that I would have this month.

It has been running in my head early this morning, as I had another run. I realized yesterday that I was a bit late to catch up for the pre-registration. The organizer, RUNS and RAVES, called those who weren’t able to pre-registered as “Abangers”. HAHA! That I’ve become! And I’m blessed enough to catch up and registered! 🙂

July is a big month for me and my siblings. Today is the birthday of my younger sister, Blessie Xuxa. She’s not regularly running, but somehow she’s hoping to keep up as we have running bonding on Sundays. July has been very remarkable with me! I’ll have the chance to join the Batanes Winter Marathon 2016!


3D RaceCation

I’ve considered this marathon a dreamy one!

  • Dream Destination
  • Dream Distance
  • Dream Delight

Dream Destination – Who wouldn’t want to go to Batanes?! Aside from its surreal surrounding and verdant landscapes which stood the test of turbulent storms, the ambiance would give you a slow-down-see-and-savor-the-moment experience. I’ve seen a lot of photos and some videos of Batanes, and it’s ethereal elegance can’t be surpassed by the modern and technologically-enhanced scenic places in the world.

It’s EXPENSIVE! haha! yeah! It’s part of it’s package. Some said, it’s better to tour at Hong Kong and Macau with that amount. But come to think of it! It seems you would sojourn in Ireland or Scotland (as what I’ve heard from those who visited Batanes), with it’s rich verdure and ancestral features.

The race organizers took note — BIG EMPHASIS — on that! But of course, I would want to hit two-three birds in one stone on this race-cation. I really would invest time, money and effort to make this dream a reality!

Seriously Interested Runners (SIRs) would mean the following:
a.Willing (mag effort) to save and spend a total of P17,000 to P23,000 or more for this race-cation. (ang total actual expense ay maaring mas mababa, lahat ay nakadepende sa diskarte mo, mag abangers ng seat sale, baka maka chamba! hehe)

b. Can a lot a minimum of 3 or more nights (syempre, gagastos ka narin, I maximize mo na ang experience mo to the fullest )

c.Will register within the limited registration period.

*Read more about it:!runs-and-raves-news/c1wuj

Dream Distance – Ooooppppsss! At first, I thought of a “full mary”, that’s actually my dream distance to conquer next year! 🙂 But considering the distance, northern tip of the Philippines, 21 K is realistic enough for me. It’s Ivatan winter, minus the snow, so it’s really cold there. I think, I need to be in Tagaytay for training, so my body could somehow adapt to the climate. If I’ll do 42K, it could be possible, but I really needed extra training! But since I’ve got the very significant chance as an abanger registrant, I chose 21K!

Categories: 10k, 21k, and 42k

Course: Rolling road-to-trail 
Cut off: Yes, a doable cut-off is TBA (To Be Announced)
BWM Experience Fee:
10k- P1,200
21k- P1,800
42k- P2,500

*CHECK THIS OUT and register! Hurry! Slots are limited! 🙂


Dream Delight – I’ve got a desire to run for a special cause. In February 1, 2015, I’ve got my first ever 21k at the Condura Skyway Marathon 2015. I’ll share more about my reverie on the road soon. It’s been in my heart since my training days in the late quarter of 2014. I’ve actually thought of that on that very day I braved the sky way. Keep posted for the details sooner or later. 🙂

I ran for the HERO Foundation and the SAFF 44, respectively. Plus the icing on top -- a birthday tribute to my friend and soul sister, Sandra Seifert.
I ran for the HERO Foundation and the SAFF 44, respectively. Plus the icing on top — a birthday tribute to my friend and soul sister.


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“We run around so much – with the best intentions: I want to save the rain forest. I’ve gotta clean up the oceans. I’ve gotta save the dolphins. All worthy efforts, but if you’re not centered and you don’t have the serenity in your life you need to accomplish that task, you’re not going to do a very good job.”  ~ Ed Begley, Jr.


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Would you also dare to take the thrill of this once-in-a-winter-time-race-cation?

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Note: Race photo credits to Eric Banes, other Batanes photos credit to Google Images.